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StereoPill represents the next big thing in event production.  Imagine being able to not only take advance requests, but also knowing that one person isn’t stacking the deck with hundreds of requests.  Only StereoPill collates & controls the voting.  As an ADJA member there will be a new button on your profile shortly.  This button will ask you to validate your membership profile & contact information.  When you complete that process event credits for 50 events will be added to your ADJA membership account.  This can then be used at StereoPill when you go to buy credits.  You will enter your email address & your membership number.  That will validate your ADJA membership with StereoPill.  This will then immediately transfer the event credits to your Account!  Each year you renew your membership you will get another 50 event credits added for your use on

Contact the national office to set up your account.  This one single benefit represents a savings of more than your entire national dues!  Only ADJA gives you more, more of eveything your want & need.  More of the coolest tools available to help you to build your business.