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Disc Jockey Insurance Products
The American Disc Jockey Association invites you to visit DJ Insurance in for an overview of DJ insurance products for disc jockeys provided by Fireman’s Fund one of the world leaders in Insurance. An application for obtaining DJ insurance available on the brokers website linked above.  A policy summary is also available there for review.

ADJA Members do receive a broker’s fee discount so please be sure to look into membership with the ADJA by clicking on APPLY NOW. The ADJA application will explain requirements and costs for joining the ADJA. The ADJA will present on the final screen a receipt along with your membership number (or DJ Insurance Only number) which you should print out for your records. We will also email the information to you. The DJ insurance application has a space for your ADJA number, which will allow you to receive the broker’s fee discount.

The ADJA does NOT process DJ insurance applications so please refer to RV Nuccio & Associates for any DJ insurance-related concerns or to retrieve a DJ insurance application. You may also call RV Nuccio & Associates at 800.567.2685 with DJ insurance-related questions. Additionally you can now buy your DJ insurance online 24/7 by following the link below. ADJA and Fireman’s Fund is the only one to provide you with 24/7 access to your insurance with unlimited FREE Additional Insured Certificates.

Our insurance covers uplighting, video projection, photo booths, everything that a mobile DJ needs to offer is covered. Even items when your not actually DJ’ing the event!

To buy DJ insurance now click here

If you have an ADJA RELATED question, contact us.

Thank you.

Overview of costs:
DJ Liability insurance is $150.00 for a one million dollar per occurrence / two Million aggregate policy for 12 months of coverage for the first dj system. Each additional dj system is $50.00. A DJ system would be defined as the ability to do more than one event simultaneously. The broker’s fee is $25.00 for ADJA full members OR for the ADJA DJ Insurance only limited membership.

We are pleased to announce the addition of a $2M per occurrence / $2M Aggregate policy for 12 months of coverage for the first DJ system. This new program is VERY affordably priced at only $225! The broker’s fee is $25.00 for ADJA full members OR for the ADJA DJ Insurance only limited membership.

Property Coverage is $10/$1000/year. There is a selectable deductible as well. Property coverage requires that the property be protected and that an alarm system on the compartment where the gear is stored or transported. There also must be signs of forced entry.

ADJA Full membership national only is: $200.00 for 12 months. ADJA DJ Insurance Only Access fee is $99.00 per year (the only benefit is insurance discount, no other ADJA benefits or privileges apply).

Property coverage is $10 per thousand for items scheduled & Media coverage is $25 per thousand for items scheduled.

Additionally the ADJA now offers Special Event Insurance This is specialized coverage for those members doing festivals, & other larger, single day or multi-day event requiring specialized coverage outside of the needs of the typical DJ. Click here to find out more.

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Please note: prices subject to change without notice. Updated 02/28/2018.