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NACE Membership Discount


The ADJA is very pleased to announce another great benefit for our members. This one is an outgrowth of our strategic alliance with NACE, the National Association of Catering Executives. As a result of our relationship, every ADJA member can now join NACE as a “corporate member” for the special discounted price of $225.

This represents a savings of over $175. If there is a NACE chapter in your market, this would be an exception opportunity to learn valuable business tips and to network with your area’s top properties and caterers. For the past 7 years the ADJA has been developing a business relationship with NACE. We have championed this effort because venues and caterers typically get hired before the entertainment does. By helping them to see clearly the differences in professional entertainment and how it impacts the success of the event, as well as their reputations, this has helped them realize the “valuable advantages” professional mobile entertainers can provide to their on-going business and customer service efforts.

For those members without a NACE chapter, you can still belong to a NACE chapter “at large” and you will come to find that there are probably many NACE members working or operating
many of the facilities that you work in. This opportunity will further the goals and mission of the ADJA by better connecting our members to other event professionals in every market across the USA.

Here are the details.

ADJA members receive thecurrent NACE corporate individual membership rate of $225. This is a per person fee, not a company fee. If an ADJA member company has multiple employees they wish to have join NACE, they pay $225 per person.

The PDF file for the NACE application with the ADJA discount can be found here: NACE Discountapplication.
If you are an existing member of NACE, who belongs to the ADJA, the special rate is not retroactive . . . but the lower renewal rate would apply when you renew.
On NACE renewal, ADJA members qualify for the lower rate again if their ADJA membership is current.
Dues rate is subject to change as NACE board approves rate and membership structure changes from time to time.
We are extremely pleased with this new step forward in our relationship with NACE. Don Ball, CPCE & NACE National Membership Vice-President had this to say. “We are very excited about the symbiosis between NACE and ADJA. Your
passion for NACE and your support on so many levels is sincerely appreciated and respected. As a result of your efforts, our members are getting to have a much clearer picture of what professional mobile entertainment is all

Dr. Drax commented, “This is a great opportunity for ADJA members to increase their visibility and networking within their communities, a real opportunity to learn and better understand the entire event relationship process as well as
help others to better understand the mobile entertainment industry. We look forward to continuing our commitment to our membership by building the bonds and relationships that will further the Mobile Entertaiment Industry and propel the
ADJA forward as the consumer’s most relied upon source for “professional” mobile entertainment.”

Sign up today & start expanding your network of event professionals in your market.