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Mentorship Program

ADJA Mentorship Program
The ADJA in its desires to elevate our membership & expand educational opportunities for members has developed an active mentorship program. Eventually every chapter will have a mentorship leader.  There will be mentorship training for those interested in becoming a mentor.   Please read text below, then use Tool Links at bottom of page then contact one of our mentorship leaders to get started.

  • ADJA Mentorship Program Overview
  • ADJA Mentorship Program FAQ’s
  • Mentor Program Leader:

    Manny OteroManny

    Mentor Program Leader:

    Ken Day



    Coach the protégé in enhancing skills and
    intellectual development.
    Want to be a partner in the mentoring
    connection. To that end, they prepare and do the appropriate “homework” for meetings with their mentor.
    Pass along organizational information
    (structure, politics, personalities).
    Know and be able to discuss their needs and
    objectives with their mentor. This means that he or she has to look inside
    themselves to identify areas that may need work and share them with the mentor.
    Provide candid feedback to the protégé about
    perceived strengths and developmental needs.
    Take responsibility for his or her career and
    goals. Although they have the benefit of the mentor’s guidance, they are
    responsible for their own path.
    Point out opportunities for the protégé to
    develop and demonstrate capabilities (as well as pointing out pitfalls to avoid).
    Be able to receive feedback and look at the
    situation from the mentor’s perspective to gain a more objective viewpoint.
    Advise the protégé on how to deal with real or
    perceived roadblocks.
    Be willing to try new things, to consider different ways of “getting there from here.”
    Serve as a sounding board. Periodically assess the progress of the
    relationship, letting the mentor know when priorities must be reset.
    Encourage and motivates the protégé. Work to gain the skills, knowledge, and
    abilities to grow. They’re flexible, listen to their mentor, and consider new
    Build the protégé’s self-confidence and sense
    of self.
    Take initiative, seeking the mentors advice
    when needed.
    the protégé’s learning.

  • ADJA Mentor’s Tools
  • Focus on the goal, not getting lost in the
    process (if it isn’t clear, they ask the mentor how the process leads to the

  • ADJA Protégé Tools