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Julian Styles

DJ Julian Styles

I am DJ Julian Styles, I started out as a Disk Jockey/Producer in Los Angeles. At a very young age. When I was vary young I just loved to Turn Knobs and crank up the sound. Digging Through crates of vinyl is on my every day to do list. Learning about industry standards and keeping up with technology in the field with hands on Training. I now specialize in //Special Events //Clubs/ Festival's/Fairs/ I was raised around music and musicians my entire life starting with my grandfather Lou Styles. Of The stylists. Who emerged in sweet success as an accordion player and keyboardist. Playing gigs form the 1950s through the 2000s from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and California Moving on to my mother Regina Lee Styles and my father Kenny Styles. Both singer songwriters and producers as well as musicians They performed in many successful Bands in the California like L.A. Boppers. with the hit 'song' 'Bop-Doo-Wah'. And other Bands like The Art Of Sax with other amazing 'songs' like 'Soul Searching' and 'Julian' that my father named after me. I can still remember growing up sleeping behind the stages at events that my parents worked at when I was young. I never wanted to ever be without or not without my family and music as a kid and today. Music has been an amazing and magical addiction in my life. And I would hope that for everyone in the world. And many more of my family's generations to come as Im in meany ways following in my Family's foot steps. I cater to what you as the event Holder needs at the Event holders special events. Night Club/ Festival /Fairs /Special Events/ I am a live mixing DJ That has unique Skills behind the DJ Decks that performs live remixing on the fly with high amounts of energy to keep the audience pumping and dancing with memories for years to come.,
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