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Legal Shield

A New type of Legal Benefit:

The ADJA is bringing an amazing benefit that no other DJ Group or DJ association has. Introducing LegalShield, ADJA has gone above and beyond to provide amazing benefits and this is one of them. One of the most overlooked aspects in having and running a company is personal and company legal protection. We prepay for health insurance, we prepay for our auto insurance, we also prepay for many other services, does it not make sense to prepay for our Legal Services as well? Have you ever received  a ticket? have you ever had legal questions about your business about copyrights, patents, leasing, purchasing, trademarks etc? Have you ever noticed someone using your logo? Is your contract up to date and truly composed in a way that will protect you against “unhappy” customers. Have you ever taken your vehicle to a mechanic who you did not feel did the job correctly?  what about collecting payments from customers who have chosen not to pay? Legal protection is a protection that every person and businesses should have and starting at under $20 per month it is a service that many can afford.

Power in Numbers

Because LegalShield serves more than 1.4 million members in 49 states and 4 provinces, we can negotiate legal services with law firms throughout North America at a fraction of what they traditionally cost. Because our attorneys are pre-paid, they’re motivated to treat all of our members and their needs equally.

Your Protection

For less than $20 a month an experienced, responsive and reliable law firm in your area will champion your cause whenever the need may arise. Call about anything you want. It’s that simple.

Your Law Firm

Simply call your provider firm to put your lawyer to work for you. We even provide 24/7 access for emergencies.

Expanded LegalShield


Unlimited topics, personal or business even on pre-existing conditions

24/7 Emergency Assistance

After-hours legal consultation for covered legal emergencies such as: if you’re arrested or detained, if you’re seriously injured, if you’re served with a warrant, or if the state tries to take your child(ren).

Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf

Available at the discretion of your Provider Lawyer

Legal Document Review (up to 10 pages each)

Contracts/documents up to 10 pages each

Standard Will Preparation

  • Standard Will with yearly reviews/updates
  • Available to covered family members for $20
  • Other documents available: Living Will,

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Motor Vehicle Services

  • Available 15 days after enrollment
  • Available only if member has a valid driver’s license and is driving a properly licensed personal motor vehicle
  • Moving traffic violations
  • Accidents: Help with defense for charges of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, or vehicular homicide
  • Damage recovery, driver’s license issues and personal legal injury assistance (up to 2.5 hours of attorney time, up to $2,000 per claim)

IRS Audit Legal Services

  • One hour of consultation, advice or assistance when you are notified of an audit by the IRS
  • An additional 2.5 hours if a settlement is not achieved within 30 days
  • If your case goes to court, you’ll receive 46.5 hours of your Provider Law Firm’s services
  • Coverage for this service begins with the tax return due April 15 of the year you enroll

Trial Defense

Assistance if you or your spouse is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or job-related criminal action filed in court.

Your trial benefits will begin with 75 hours of attorney time available to you in your first year [17.5 hours of pre-trial time + 57.5 hours of trial time]. This is an additional 15 hours of pre-trial time than the regular plan offers. Remember, your pre-trial hours are those hours when your attorney is researching and preparing for your case. So these hours can be crucial to the outcome of your lawsuit.

With the Expanded Plan, your benefit hours increase each year, through your 5th year of membership:

Your Expanded LegalShield Plan Covers:

  1. The member
  2. The member’s spouse
  3. Never-married dependent children of the member or member’s spouse who are under 21 and living at home
  4. Children under age 18 for whom the member or member’s spouse is the legal guardian
  5. Full-time never-married students under 23 years old if the student is a dependent of the member or member’s spouse
  6. Any dependent child, regardless of age, who is incapable of sustaining employment because of mental or physical disability and who is chiefly dependent on the member or member’s spouse for support

Additional Information: Provider law firms may be prevented by ethical rules from presenting a claim, defense, or legal position that the law firm believes to be frivolous or without merit. It is up to the Provider Lawyer’s professional judgment as to whether or not your claim, defense or legal position may prevail in court or is frivolous or without merit. Emergency services are subject to conditions imposed by the detaining/questioning authority.

25% off additional legal services: During the term of your membership, you may use your Provider Law Firm for legal situations that are outside plan coverage. These additional services are offered at a negotiated rate that is at least 25% less than the Provider Attorney’s standard Rate. Your Provider Law Firm will let you know when this discount applies and go over these fees with you.

After initial consultation, the following are covered under your 25% discount:

  • Lawsuits filed due to conditions that were foreseeable prior to enrollment.
  • Charges of DUI/DWI, drug-related matters, hit-and-run, leaving the scene of an accident, unmeritorious cases, issues resulting from operating a commercial vehicle with more than two axles.
  • Bankruptcy, divorce, separation, annulment, child custody, other divorce-related matters.
  • If you are named in a civil lawsuit or have criminal charges filed against you because you are listed as an owner, manager or associate of a business and had no direct involvement with the act or matter that gave rise to the lawsuit or criminal charge.
  • Garnishment, attachment, other appeals.
  • Charges of tax fraud or income tax evasions, Trust returns, business (including Schedule C) and/or corporate tax returns, payroll and information returns, partnerships, corporation returns or portions thereof that are included in the Member’s tax returns, or services rendered by an enrolled agent.

This is a general overview of your legal plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.

Please note, class actions, interventions or amicus curiae filings in which you are a part or potential part are not covered by the LegalShield membership.

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