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Legal Music Sources

There are becoming an ever increasing number of piracy or theft sites pretending to be legal music sources for professional DJs. After significant research Here is what we do know. The following list of services are validated as being legal music sources for professional DJs. This validation comes from the labels themselves as well as from the pool service companies. You would not state that your competitor was legal if they were not. Each of these companies represent the best the industry has to offer.

Promo Only
Prime Cuts
RPM Top Hits

One easy way you can know if a company is illegal. If they are currently distributing artists on the Sony Label, they are definitely illegal as Sony Music has pulled 100% of their content from promotional distribution. If you still doubt, ask them to provide you a copy of the front page of their contract with any two major labels. While this list contains legal music services, Promo Only provides ADJA members exclusive discounts & deals. Just one more reason to use Promo Only.