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The Knot

ADJA Expands Relationship with The Knot.

The ADJA Continues it’s efforts to establish brand awareness & to forge relationships that will benefit our members.  The ad below, now running in The Knot Magazine nation wide is the first of it’s kind.  We are happy to say that the ADJA had a direct influence upon it’s development & getting it into print.

We are the first DJ association to gain such respect, while others have established discounted advertising in past, we are the first to establish our brand in their publication & distribution medums.  We will continue to expand our exclusive relationships with key industry organizations & consumer education groups such as The Knot.  It has been shown that over 80% of all brides will visit The Knot webiste or read their magazine.

This means we have begun to establish the greater consumer awareness that we spoke of during our National membership meeting in Las Vegas,NV this past February.  Look for more  efforts on your behalf in the coming months.