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Hall of Fame – DJs

ADJA Mobile DJ Hall of Fame
The ADJA created this unique Hall of Fame to honor those DJs  that have given so much to our industry, that have pioneered our industry, & truly elevated it & those around them.  Individuals that have given unselfishly to raise the Standards of Excellence in Mobile DJ Entertainment. The industry is truly better off for their having been a part of it.
Randy K. Bartlett – 2017
Randy-Batrlett has been an active ADJA member for more than 16 years.  When asked WHY he is a member, his response is simply “Because it’s the right thing to do for our industry”. During his membership, he’s witnessed some of our times of struggle, to explosive growth.  He continues to promote the benefits of ADJA membership to all who have yet to join our ranks, as well as provide input to the national office on methods to increase membership and share our vision for helping DJs Build and Grow their Businesses, through Education, Networking, and Support.As a speaker and presenter over the past 15 years, he’s traveled coast to coast, visited ADJA chapters and a variety of DJ conferences, ventured across the pond, and held workshops to educate DJs on better microphone skills.  Our inductee has warned DJs to discontinue the use of redundant and repetitive phrases, such as “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “At this time”.  He developed a series of training DVDs to help DJs push themselves just 1% farther, to change the outcome of their client’s celebrations.

Kemp R. Harshman – 2011
Kemp was a cherished friend to all who knew him.  A man of principle.  A true friend to many.  He was very active in his faith.  A devoted family member, when his mother took ill 4 years ago, he moved from Arlington, VA to Indianapolis, IN to care for his aging mother where he remained until this day.  Service & devotion knew no bounds with him.Kemp was an ADJA member since it’s inception. Over his 20 years of involvement in the DJ Industry he has offered free legal advice to thousands of DJs regarding contracts, copyrights & contract disputes..  Kemp lived a life filled with service to others. He was always found to be helpful & a defender of right.  During his life he was involved with many Non Profit organizations.  He was passionate about what he believed in.Kemp Harshman was an attorney, who received his law degree from the University of Michigan in 1975. He was a member of the Indiana Bar Association and the United States Supreme Court Bar. He also earned a Masters in Public Policy from Michigan, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Economics and Psychology from Indiana University.Mr. Harshman has served as in-house legal counsel for a consulting firm, federal agencies, federally chartered corporations, a public interest law firm, and nonprofit organizations. As President of Clarendon Foundation, he was currently involved as an attorney in leasing educational broadcast spectrum, negotiating leases and contracts, researching regulatory issues, and preparing legal-technical proposals.Prior employment experience includes serving as a staff attorney in three Presidential Inaugural Committees, the Deputy General Counsel and Executive Officer for the Council on Environmental Quality, an agency in the Executive Office of the President during the Reagan presidency.   He has worked in the capacities of executive officer, legal counsel and analyst for organizations including the Reagan-Bush Committee National Headquarters, the Lugar for Senate Committee, the American Management Association, and management consulting firms involved with technology transfer and technical-legal aspects of new product development.

He served from 1986-92 as legal counsel for the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution. At the Bicentennial Commission, he worked under Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, who served as its Chairman.

Mr. Harshman was currently serving as the President of Clarendon Foundation, a nonprofit organization, which has assisted educational institutions in obtaining free instructional television programming and wireless broadband Internet access services.

Its current projects include assisting schools and colleges in obtaining instructional television broadcast licenses, broadcasting educational programming on wireless cable systems, organizing a communications cooperative for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations, creating closed captioned databases on the Internet of Congressional floor debates and hearings for the public, producing an educational television program for the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and rewiring low and moderate income housing for the information highway.

Kemp conceived the “History Channel” later sold to Arts and Entertainment (A & E) TV, was Project Manager of CESJ’s “Wireless Cable TV” project which provides justice-based educational television programming and advanced telecommunications technology to schools and other consumers in remote areas.He is a recipient of CESJ’s Soldier of Justice Award.

He has always been a long time friend & advocate of the mobile DJ.  His passing leaves a tremendous hole in the hearts of everyone that knew him.  To honor the memory of Kemp’s achievements & dedication to education the ADJA will be establishing a memorial program in his name.

Mark Ferrell – 2008
Mark Ferrell has made a lasting impact upon the mobile DJ industry with the words “Getting What Your Worth, Your worth more than a Veggie Platter, $1200 should be the average fee for a mobile DJ. Mark Ferrell has worked tirelessly for the mobile DJ industry & the ADJA. He has traveled the country speaking to DJs about their worth, & about improving themselves to fulfill their dreams and be able to make a living as a professional mobile DJ. Mark’s prowess as a Master of Ceremonies allowed him to charge 5 times the average in his market. His work, & his inspiration has lead hundreds of DJs to earning more than they ever dreamed possible & giving their clients more than they ever thought possible.For his dedication to the Mobile DJ Industry & the American Disc Jockey Association, we proudly induct him as the first & founding honoree into the ADJA Mobile Entertainer’s Hall of Fame.