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DJ Membership Benefits

ADJA Member Benefits





  • Even MORE benefits are to be found INSIDE the members only area! These are just the tip of the Iceberg.
  • Exclusive discount with NLFX ProfessionalADJA has partnered with NLFX, to bring our members another great deal on gear. ADJA members that present their membership number & documentation of membership will receive a 10% discount on NLFX’s already rock bottom prices. NLFX also is an active participant in the ADJA’s educational programs both at the chapter level & in our webinars.
  • Liability and Property Insurance
    Information on ADJA (and non-ADJA member) insurance may be obtained by calling R.V. Nuccio and Associates, Inc located in Burbank, CA at 1-800-567-2685 or you may click here for insurance program information. Liability & equipment coverage underwritten by Fireman’s Fund (A Rated). Million dollar liability insurance for only $175.00 for an entire year of coverage. Sign up anytime, always 12 months of coverage.(no taxes or hidden charges but you must be a paid ADJA member to receive this discounted rate). See our insurance section for more details.  We now offer a $2M/$2M policy for those that require more coverage!
  • 10% off all CD’s, Remixes and Music DVD’s for all ADJA members!
    ADJA members receive 10% discount from THE SOURCE Music supply company. Place an order (800) 775-3472 or visit their site. CD’s, remix compilations, DVD’s and practically any type of music available through The Source. Please use member code: ADJA10 when checking out.
  • National Advertising & PR Campaigns
    The ADJA is working to build it’s membership so we may advertise in magazines, newspapers and online. Our goal is to deliver accurate information to the consumer so they make an educated decision when hiring a professional disc jockey. We are also working on a letter-writing campaign to correct misinformation previously published and build awareness of what a professional disc jockey offers.Recent ADJA articles, interviews and acknowledgements include: Modern Bride nationwide , Wedding Pages (various regions to be published), Articles written by ADJA directors published bi-monthly in The Ultimate Wedding Super Guide (Los Angeles/Orange County publication), local New Jersey paper.
  • Exclusive Get-A-DJ-Fast Full-color postcards
    Get A DJ Fast full-color postcards available to ADJA members. The ADJA sends you 25 full-color postcards (you may request more at no cost to you). The cards are designed to market the ADJA emergency/find a dj postcard to catering managers & event consultants. The card is designed for you to stamp your local company name for reference to help you promote your company along with promoting awareness of the American Disc Jockey Association. The card may be used by event professionals in case of a last-minute need or DJ “no show”. The ADJA estimates that over 10,000 wedding professionals have been exposed to the hotline postcards.Download Emergency DJ Postcard Side One (PDF)

    Download Emergency DJ Postcard Side Two (PDF)

  • Color Brochures4-color brochures – ( Side one sample ) ( Side Two Sample )These brochures are great for prospective clients and related-vendors. The brochure features the “10 questions to ask a DJ” and explains the role of the ADJA and why someone should choose an ADJA member. It features our LOGO and has two “die cuts” so you can slip your business card in the brochure.
  • “DJ IN NEED” Program – This is a new and exciting program which offers you “free insurance”. Let’s say your equipment is destroyed in a fire, flood, earthquake or some other disaster. You call the ADJA and we will make arrangements to ship you an entire setup FREE OF CHARGE all you pay is the freight (both ways).YOU CAN’T BUY THIS TYPE OF INSURANCE AND NO OTHER ASSOCIATION OFFERS THIS TO IT’S MEMBERS!! Find out more about the program.
  • Discounted Car RentalsWe provide, not one, but TWO rental car discount programs so you can ALWAYS get the best deal!Under an agreement with Enterprise Rent a Car Corporation all ADJA registered members are eligible for excellent car rental discounts!Under an agreement with the Hertz Corporation all ADJA registered members are elibible for excellent car rental discounts!
  • Networking and Local Chapters Network with other professional ADJA members to get more jobs, learn about new developments in our industry, learn tips & tricks from other professionals. We encourage our members to create local chapters. We offer web pages for official ADJA chapters and our board of directors is working on other incentives to help local chapters flourish and create a positive change in the DJ industry. ADJA local chapter members receive a discount off national dues.
  • ADJA Job Leads
    The ADJA now forwards all leads directly to you, our member, so you can respond quickly and increase your bookings. Members are listed in our national directory by state and sorted by city. Prospects can e-mail you directly or visit your website right from your listing!
  • Exclusive Legal and Accounting Advice – The ADJA has a legal advisor on staff that can give you answers to most of your legal questions FREE OF CHARGE!! Any work that you would like our legal counsel to perform is billed directly by him to you at a substantially lower rate than customary attorneys fees.
  • Arbitration Services –  New service that allows you to handle any conflicts outside of court by using an arbitration clause in your contract.
  • ADJA Membership Certificate – Add credibility to your business by proudly displaying your ADJAcertificate to your customers. This is where your membership number may be found.
  • Advertising Materials – The ADJA is working on an end-user piece suitable for mailing to prospective customers or using as a handout to other vendors. This literature will assist your customer in making the right choice for his/her affair, as well as, educating other vendors about the value of the ADJA while presenting you as a professional.
  • Camera Ready ADJA Logos – These camera ready logos are ready to go to your printer so that you may convey to potential customers that you are a member of an association with honesty,integrity, ethics and morals and that you are a well-established business. Prospects check ADJA membership status frequently.


Value Added Services


  • ADJA NewsletterOur bi-monthly newsletter helps keep all members up-to-date on current events affecting our industry, ADJA happenings.
  • Exclusive Member Only Access – The ADJA Members-only area allows ADJA members access to online surveys, sales tips and e-mail updates. Members-only area also hosts the ADJA Exclusive 204 page member manual and legal guide in WORD format, member discounts, links to help you make more money, job resources, and more. Once you join you will receive a link to create a UserID & Password so you may access the ADJA Members-only area.
  • Visa, Mastercard & Discover Merchant Accounts – All ADJA members can be setup to electronically process Credit Cards with very affordable programs and VISA / Mastercard transactions at a discount rate!!
  • Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC)Professional disc jockeys are eligible to join the Association of Bridal Consultants as “Vendors.” Dues are only $195 per year. When you sign up by phone, identify yourself as a Member of the ADJA to get the $35 application-processing fee waived.The primary benefit of belonging to this organization is networking and becoming associated with Bridal Consultants, who will refer clients to you. Hint: Referred clients are often willing to pay more for your services!The American Disc Jockey Association is a proud member of The Association of Bridal Consultants
  • Insurance Only Access Number – The ADJA now offers an Insurance Only access number ( I.O.#) for only $99.00 per year. This allows non-ADJA members access to the strongest insurance policy available to disc jockeys in the United States. Insurance Only is a limited membership which allows you to obtain insurance at the ADJA discounted member-rate. You do not receive any other ADJA benefits. Please visit our insurance broker at for policy details. This new I.O.# was created to help keep DJ insurance affordable for all DJ’s and to protect the insurance program.



We believe that the past 2 years we have helped you to learn how to earn more money.  Now in the coming year, in addition to increasing that learning & earning, we are going to help you learn how to keep more money, save more money on things you need & grow more money from the assets you have.Look for the ADJA to announce more major benefits for members as the months proceed.  Remember
we are here to help you build & grow your business.  That is all we think about & all we do. We are the only
registered professional trade association for Mobile DJ’s.



PROMO ONLY  The ADJA has partnered with Promo Only to bring our members the best deals on music and music video in the industry…
CDs & DVDs — Members who subscribe to Promo Only Audio for the first time receive 14 CDs or DVDs for the price of 12. And 13 CDs or DVDs for the price of 12 with every renewal.
Hot Video Classics & Speciality Discs — Members receive an exclusive $25.00 per copy rate (a $15.00 per copy savings!).
POOL (Promo Only OnLine) — Members who subscribe to Promo Only’s daily digital download service receive $5.00 off the cost of each POOL multi-genre package and $10.00 off the POOL Platinum deluxe audio/video plan.
Remember: You must be a current ADJA member, in good standing, to qualify for these special rates! Proof of membership is required by Promo Only. For the average mobile DJ these savings alone will pay for your ADJA membership!
An ADJA membership certificate or card must be presented to Promo Only, when placing a subscription order.Benefits are not retro active. Benefits will not be in addition to other discounts or promotions




ADJA has partnered with Digital 1 Audio to bring our members simply the best
deal on the planet for PCDJ products. ADJA members that present their membership number & documentation of membership
will receive a 25% discount on ALL PCDJ hardware & software. How is that for savings?
For the average mobile DJ wanting to go digital these savings alone will pay for your ADJA membership! 


ADJA has partnered with FACE Audio to bring you smokin deals on
Amplifiers.  The Team at Face has established exclusive discounts
for ADJA members.
What should you expect from a performance leader? How about products
that are innovative and cutting-edge, yet proven in the trenches? Or
equipment that consistently outperforms the competitions’ for prices a
pirate would love? What about a generous warranty from a company that
stands like a rock behind everything it sells – now or decades from now?

Yeah, we think that’s exactly what you should expect. Which is why that’s exactly what we offer.

Our amplifiers have been wowing crowds and endearing themselves to
bands, DJs and sound professionals throughout Europe for over a decade.
Bringing their power and reliability to the United States is exciting –
like hearing your favorite band on a Friday night.

Whatever the application, whatever the budget; the Face Audio family of
amplifiers has it covered. Cost? You’ll be surprised how affordable so
much raw performance, reliability and innovation are. And our solid
warranty is guaranteed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

After all, we’re Face Audio – the performance leader. What would you expect?






  • AFFORDABLE Health Insurance for DJ’s and their families!
  • Vehicle Fleet Buying Program!
  • NEW Leasing program with 2% Cash Back!
  • Affordable Debt Collection Services!
  • Employee Background Screening Service!
  • EXCLUSIVE Discount on gear from Pro-Mix
  • EXCLUSIVE Discount on printing from Wholesale Entertainment Printing
  • AWESOME Savings with Office Depot!
  • EXCLUSIVE Discount on Enhanced DJIntelligence Planning Forms
  • Discounts on Musicians Atlas




Cellcharge Application
partnered with CellCharge to give you yet another way to take credit
cards. Along with our standard merchant account, you can opt to process
Credit Cards & Checks on your cell phone! CellCharge offers two
different programs depending on your monthly volume. They have a
bundled rate program for low volume use, and a traditional based
program for those with higher volume.
is a one time account setup fee of $79.00 for either program; from
there the bundled rate program has an $8.99 monthly fee and a bundled
rate of 3.85%. What a bundled rate means is the rate is a little higher
than typical, but there are absolutely ZERO other incidental or hidden
fees, so you don’t have to worry about a monthly minimum, a statement
fee, additional per transaction fees, etc…

For those who are processing higher volumes, CellCharge has
just announced their new unbundled rate program of 2.39% + $0.25, the
monthly fee is $13.99 (which includes a monthly statement), but there
is a $20.00 monthly minimum, so you need to be doing about $1000.00 or
more a month to justify this program. CellCharge also has an internet
solution if you are looking for something web based. Think of the times
that people forget the balance check, now you can collect your money
right at that event with a CC if needed. Great for overtime payments
and up sells as well! You can even easily take
deposits during your consultations using this great new benefit. Now
you have options on how you can get your fees.




Entertainment Systems Corp – ESCESC
ADJA has partnered with Entertainment Systems Corporation to bring our
members another great deal on gear. ADJA members that present their
membership number & documentation of membership
will receive a 5% discount on ESC’s already rock bottom prices. The
savings also include free shipping in the lower 48 states. How is that
for savings?

ADJA members get discounts on premium listings including the ADJA
logo. is rapidly becoming the top site for consumers to find
quality entertainers.  They are also bringing exceptional
discounts on a variety of items to ADJA members.



DJIntelligence DJ Intelligence gives you the ability to
add highly interactive tools to your existing DJ website which install quickly
and easily regardless of where it’s hosted. Over a dozen interactive tools are
included for receiving inquiries, booking shows, and complete online event
planning directly on YOUR website:







  • Music Search & Request
  • Dynamic Availability Checker
  • Custom Event Planning Forms
  • Customizable Event Timelines
  • Complete Online Event
  • Instant Price Quote
  • Post-Event Satisfaction
  • Credit Card Payment Gateway
  • Website Client Referral
  • Guest Request List System
  • Password-Protected Client


All tools are customized to match
the “look & feel” of your website and can integrate into your existing site
in under 10 minutes, regardless of who designed it or where it is hosted. Enhance your website today and take
advantage of the unbelievable power of the web! To activate your account with DJ
Intelligence, please visit

members in good standing receive 2 free months when you activate a full account
with DJ Intelligence. For more information on this exclusive offer for ADJA
members contact DJ Intelligence.



Ready to join the ADJA?