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DJ Intelligence Enhanced Forms

If you use DJ Intelligence, you’re probably looking for an alternative source for your Planning Forms –
Introducing DJ Intelligence: Outside The Box.
We provide you everything you need for that professional look
– Look for our
assurance of quality and value.Current Forms from our exclusive collection are:
Application For Employment, Bar-Bat Mitzvah 1-Year Planning Timeline, Quinceanera 1-Year Planning Timline,
Wedding 1-Year Planning Timeline, Enhanced Corporate Planner, Enhanced Wedding Planner, Wedding Reception Only Planner,
Exit Suvey (so you know when your potential client has reached a decision), Exit Survey Detailed,
Post-Event Questionnaire, Competitor Post-Event Questionnaire,
Love Story Information Form, Photos Not To Be Missed (so you can help your Wedding Client’s photographer work better for your client), and Wedding Trivia.

Each of these Enhanced Planning Forms will be Imported into your DJ Intelligence account within 24 hours – all Fully Adaptable to fit your DJ Company’s exact needs.You’ll love everything about them!

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