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DJ in Need Program

DJ in Need Program
Equipment Loan Program The only one of its kind!

If an A.D.J.A. Member’s equipment is stolen, lost in a fire, earthquake or some other catastrophic event . . .

The American Disc Jockey Association will ship to you a complete setup so that you may continue to operate and earn money while you are in the process of replacing your equipment.  You will only need to pay shipping both ways.

DJ in Need System Details(.pdf)

A complete program description and requirements is available. We, as professional Disc Jockeys owe a debt of gratitude to the manufacturers that have taken the time, effort and spent the money to contribute to this program.  The American Disc Jockey Association asks that you consider the vendors that have contributed to this program to protect your business and to improve our industry as a whole.  We would ask that you support the manufacturers that have supported you.