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Artwork in Electronic Format AKJA

File Name Link To File – Just click on the image, OR link provided & select “Save As”
You can only see eps files in a graphics program such as photoshop or illustrator.
AKJA Letterhead Logo.jpg Letterhead
AKJA Logo-color1.eps AKJA Color EPS File
AKJA Logobw1.eps B & W Logo
AKJA Logo-bwNeg.eps B & W Negative
AKJA-Logo-BnW-Neg.jpg B & W Negative
AKJA-Logo-no_flag.jpg Logo No Flag
AKJA-Logo-BnW.jpg Letterhead
AKJA_Logosmall.jpg small Logo
KJlogo1.GIF Logo White Background
aKjalogo.gif (Transparent background) Logo Transparant Background