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NACE 2010


August 3rd – 6th 2008 in Philadelphia, PA


The 2008 NACE National Educational Conference offers a wealth
of opportunities designed to meet the personal and professional
development needs of those in the catering, special events and
hospitality industry. Network with colleagues and learn from the hospitality industry’s best and most talented leaders.

Strengthen your position and invest in your future success with cutting
edge knowledge, new trends, proven success techniques and innovative
creativity. The 2008 NACE Educational Conference is sure to deliver an
amazing learning experience like no other!

In our ongoing efforts to better represent the DJ community to other event professionals that
can & do influence the entertainment potential clients might choose, we felt it important
to provide NACE members with a more accurate assessment of what we do, how we do it &
how the actions of the DJ ultimately reflect upon the venue.  We started last year with providing
them a seminar speaker to their conference.  This year we are doing so much more!

During this conference the ADJA will be supplying all the DJ talent as well as MC’s, group
discussion leaders, & ambassadors of hospitality for our industry.  The level of participation
extended to us is unprecedented.  No other business partner has been given such broad
exposure & opportunities to show what they can do.  This is our time to shine.

Please start by reading the thread in the members forum in this link .  We need to all be
prepared to wow them & to show them quality, talented entertainment professionals when
they return.  If you can make it to Philadelphia, this should be a worthwhile opportunity to see
what others think of the DJ profession & to help us make a positive impact & influence on people that
get the first opportunity to influence the consumer’s entertainment choices.

Some useful information links about NACE & their Conference

NACE Business Partner’s directory

Information on Transportation, Hotels, & attire. 

Conference Overview

PDF version of Conference registration

NACE National membership Application

Please contact Rob Snyder at, or post in the member forum on the NACE thread above discussing this event, or call the National ADJA office for details on how you can become involved in this strategic event.