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Chubby Checker

ADJA Honors Legendary Chubby Checker
The ADJA created this unique Hall of Fame to honor those professional recording artists that have given so much to our industry, that have pioneered music & dance forms that have survived the test of time.  This is an award of distinction to those few who have created art, that we have thereby been able to earn a living playing their art.As our first recipient, we could think of no other artist that has contributed to the success of Mobile DJ’s events than Chubby Checker.  Today, some 40+ years after his hits of “The Twist”, “Pony Time” & the ever popular “Limbo Rock”.  People are still dancing & having fun to the up beat sounds of Chubby Checker.  Even today his hits have been remastered & mixed into contemporary versions that still have that Chubby Checker sound.  The ADJA is proud to honor as it’s first Inductee  Chubby Checker!