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The ADJA is the world’s leading trade association for mobile and club DJs, and karaoke house.  No organization does more for you to help you to build and grow your business than the American disc jockey Association.  The American Disc Jockey Association was formed during the early 90s.  It  is the oldest and longest running trade association for mobile DJs, club DJs and karaoke hosts in the United States, albeit even in the entire world!

As the world’s leading trade association for mobile and club DJs karaoke hosts ADJA provides more education, more networking, more local chapters, and more support than any other organization of its kind. in fact a DJ, a is the only organization with real local chapters distributed across the nation to help DJs get together and network and support each other’s efforts to build and grow their business.

Simply stated, being a part of the ADA connection with more professional DJs hooks you up with more education, more benefits of things you need to build and grow your business.  Check out the American disc jockey Association today, after all, if we work together, imagine what we can do.