The ADJA Represents DJs at The Wedding MBA!


The American Disc Jockey Association once again represented DJs at the recent Wedding MBA in Las Vegas Nevada. The ADJA is the preeminent trade association for DJs worldwide. The American Disc Jockey Association has provided DJs all across the world with exceptional representation at the largest wedding education focused event on the planet, and this year was no exception.  Once again, the American Disc Jockey Association held an anchor position right at the entry of the Wedding MBA.  This year due to our recent acquisition of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild There was a lot to talk about! ADJA reintroduced the concept of Wedding Entertainment Directors to an audience of nearly 3000 wedding professionals.  Dr. Drax was quoted as saying “We are super excited for the changes that this represents for DJs.  As we begin to advance the qualifications and certification available to DJs to demonstrate to clients and colleagues alike their commitment to excellence.”  Join the ADJA today.  Earn your Wedding Entertainment Director Credential, what are you waiting for?