Table Names

Entertainment for your celebration can begin the moment your guests arrive with the selection of creative table names. Even if you are not planning on reserved tables or place cards, the naming of your tables can set the tone for your party, telling your guests they are going to have a really good time.

For weddings, how about table names of places the couple visited while dating, places they plan to visit while on their honeymoon, popular honeymoon \ romantic destinations, or names of famous married couples like Brad & Angelina Jolie Pitt, Jay Z & Beyonce, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman…. Here is a link to get started:

Also popular for weddings is to have romantic names for your tables – Love, Joy, Cherish, Happiness, Faith, Devotion, Elation, Heaven, Fidelity, Paradise, True…

Table names for weddings and other events include Sporting Teams, Favorite Songs, Album Covers, Artists, Movies, Actors, Stars, Famous People… City, State, and Country names you have traveled to, lived in, or want to visit.

Have fun with Photoshop and put the guest of honor in the table name picture.

Or have fun with the table numbers which represent numbers in your life – 8524 your first address, 2 the number of dates before your first kiss, 6 the number of pets, 102160 your birth date.

For more table names and creative ways to incorporate the table names into your entertainment plans consult with one of the ADJA’s many qualified entertainers.