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Web Radio

ADJA President’s eNewsletter


“We Help DJs Build
& Grow Their Business”
August 2008
“If We Work Together, Imagine What We Can Do!”



Internet radio giant is partnering with the American Disc Jockey Association to bring it’s members an exclusive advertising offer of 10% off of the posted advertising rates.  The internet is everywhere and is the perfect sales tool to deliver your message to upscale listeners.  Since 2001, all request internet radio, has been reaching across America and around the world to potential clients.  With approximately 2 million hits last year and an increase expected for this year, offers ADJA members a unique marketing opportunity at surprisingly affordable pricing starting at less than $150.  As an added bonus, is offering a direct link to ADJA advertisers websites on it’s home page for free.

Radio is changing.  In the past three years alone the percentage of Americans who have used Internet audio or video has jumped from 24 percent to 44 percent.  According to Arbitron, an international media marketing and research firm for radio stations, approximately 50 million Americans have used Internet audio or video in the past month with almost 50 percent of these being in the 18-54 age group.  It is projected these number will increase to 188 million listeners by 2010, greater than the growth projections for satellite radio.

Now is the time.  Don’t miss out on this ADJA exclusive advertising offer.  Make your own commercial or have advertising professionals produce it for you.  Choose from 15 second, 30 second or 60 second spots. Potential clients will listen to it 25, 50 or even 75 times a week for as long as it runs. Rates won’t increase but your bottom line could!

For advertising rates and more information, contact Cheryl Quinlan at 786-514-1919 or Cheryl Q Productions

Best Regards,

DJ Dr. Drax

National President & Executive Director

American Disc Jockey Association


“If We Work Together, Imagine What we can do!”

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