A broken record, generational phrases, and other sounds

As DJs \ entertainers we strive to provide music and entertainment that is current and relevant to our audience. Know your client, know your audience, and perform accordingly. A recent podcast on sounds kids don’t know is a strong reminder that the audio and video we use in performances, or cultural references we make, must remain current and \ or relevant to our audience.

This goes both ways. If you are  performing for an older audience some sound  bites or video references may be too  current. For example music from the 80’s is now considered to be oldies. Growing up in Los Angeles California KRTH 101 was the oldies station that played music from the 50’s and 60’s. Today it’s mostly 70’s and 80’s.

While there are exceptions, play lists for class reunions tend to focus on a 10 year spread. 5 years before their graduating year and 5 years after. As many will stop listening to new music shortly after they graduate. And most will consider the decade surrounding their graduating year to be the music of their life.

You Sound Old a topic recently on A Way With Words discusses how generational phrases that can connect with people of a certain age are lost on others. Best advice for DJs and entertainers is to stay current with your music, video, and cultural references, know your client and audience, and then perform accordingly.